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The Cardigans - Lovefool
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Lovefool by The Cardigans

"Lately I have desperately pondered,
Spent my nights awake and I wonder
What I could have done in another way
To make you stay”

I remember Lovefool was on the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack. That album was so clutch. Desiree and Garbage have bomb ass songs on there too.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
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The city of angels.
Lonely as I am,
Together we cry…


which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?

i need to know

for science 

Eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But lovely. God, so lovely.
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More South Asian women in space opera? More Latinas in period pieces? More Black women in straight up fantasy? More Native women in psychological thrillers?

What do you want to see?

more fantasy and science fiction…